Instant pho

Pho noodles take so long to prepare. At least, half a day just to make the broth alone. I’m too lazy so I found a fast, simple,  and cheap way to enjoy one of my favorite noodle dishes. I found a 69 cent package of instant noodles at a local asian grocer in Chinatown. I could’ve gone for the 40 cent brand but might as well pay the extra 29 cents for the best one available.

oh Ricey! instant pho. Made with japanese technology??

Throw in some fresh meatballs during the boil. Add beef slices to bowl after the boil. The beef slices will cook slightly from the hot broth in your bowl. I like mine a little rare.

instant pho!

Finish by topping off with fried garlic, cliantro, onions, and scallions. 10 minutes later, instant Pho!! Mmmmm. Doesn’t taste exactly like momma’s home cooked pho but still half way decent for under $2.


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