The insanity

So I took on the challenge of making a making a men”s custom suit jacket. What was I thinking when I took on this project? There are so many more measurements I needed that I don’t have since my client lives a couple states away. After many frustrations with the custom sloper, I broke down and bought a pattern with the exact design I wanted and very close to his size.

Last night, I cut up all the pieces using muslin fabric. Geezus, there a million pieces to this thing. OY! Tonight I sew and finish the sample. Next, is setting up the final fitting so I can alter the suit to his exact fit. 4 more weeks and I should be done.

Wait a minute! That’s right, I start school next week. Let me see. I have full-time work, part-time classes, and a suit to finish, in a month. What was I thinking? I know that no matter what, I must finish the jacket. I have something to prove to myself. I can do it.

On Monday, I start my first day of class at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I’m ecstatic! Just taking a couple classes to get me back in the groove of creating garments again.


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