Finally back again

So I purchased my own domain “vongsavan.com” thinking it would make blogging easier. Wrong! Seriously I’m fairly IT savvy but I couldn’t figure out how to link anything together and just gave up. Back to basics for now.

Finally life has slowed down. Sorta. I still haven’t made a single garment in over a year. Sad to announce I dropped my haute couture sewing class. Often I ask myself why I keep going back to school when I am already a designer. I think I just miss having direction from an instructor.

Finally able to unwind and almost do nothing. That is until I realized ” maid of honor duties are calling. When my BFF and I were sixteen I committed to being her maid of honor when she got married. Seriously, she held me to that promise fifteen years later. Yes, I’m that old.

Determined to launch my design and photography career, my BFF bride has volunteered me to make her wedding veil and be her photographer for the save the date cards. She trying to sneak in an evening gown too but realistically I know I won’t have time due to short time frame.

To be honest I never wanted to be anyone’s MOH. At the same time, there’s no other person I’d rather be maid of honor for than my high school BFF. I love you “C.” Less than six months left till were off to Maui!


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