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Ok ok save the date photo shoot for real this time

Okay so I bought a charger and made another attempt at this photo shoot. Of course I heard all the expected jokes from the bride and groom to be, “did you charge the camera this time??”

Oh! And I also discovered that my Canon 30D has a flash:) Yep! Amateur I am. There was this tiny little button with a flash sign. The flash gear only pops up when the camera is powered on. Go figure!

Originally, the shoot was scheduled on Thursday, December 20th. We tried again on Christmas Day. Honestly, it was not a good day for a shoot. It was freezing cold, cloudy, and we heard a snow storm was a coming.

Even with flash on, photo came out fairly dark.


My fingers were freezing. I cheated and set the camera to “auto focus.” I think? Is that what ” AF” means? See, even the couple were freezing. I think they thought jumping up, down, and around might create heat or a fire.


So I’m no pro. I downloaded the photos to my iPad. Downloaded a couple apps to edit the photos. At first I paid for an app called Photogene. It’s okay. Then I used a free app called Snapseed instead. My coworker recommended it. You would be surprised the quality of the photos edited on a free app.

This was the original unedited photo. Look what I did to it using Snapseed.



I didnt offer much guidance during the shoot since it was making the photos seem very posed. i let them do whatever came natural.

Here are some of my favorites. There are some better ones but I won’t post them so the bride and groom can have some personal ones to share between them. If you pay close attention, you’ll see that the snow came down. We had to call it a day after an hour in the freezing weather.

Awkward and cute

Sweet and simple

Trying to get out of the cold

This is where he proposed

Warming her cold hands.

Keeping each other warm

He managed not to drop her


I’m no professional photographer. I Don’t know how to use my camera but I do know how to capture moments. Hope you enjoyed the photos. I know I had fun


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