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Hello baby

Look what I got for Christmas! A canon 30D DSLR camera. My friend left her camera at my house for some time now. I thought DSLR photography would be a cool hobby to learn. I offered to try and buy the camera. My awesome friend text me later to keep it as a gift. Love you sis! Thanks. Now I just need to learn how to use it. For now I’m watching YouTube videos but any advice, comments, or criticism is greatly appreciated.


This is my favorite photo of my niece. It was taken after her bath, while she was lying in bed, being put into her diaper by her mommy. She just stared at me wondering what I was doing. Photo is dark but I don’t mind it. Just look at those eyes. So precious!

No flash (i just found out my camera has a flash). Manual focus. That’s about all I know. Still figuring out aperture and whatever else. I just messed around with the lens trying to focus in on the face.



One thought on “Hello baby

  1. That’s so wonderful of your friend to give you the camera. The picture of your niece’s eyes are so beautiful even if dark. I had mine for about three years and still learning how to use it. Just click it, that;s what I keep telling myself. And thanks to Youtube you can learn about anything.


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