My true calling?

Okay, so if I write something, people will read? Perhaps. I am finally ready to admit that I really don’t know what my true calling is. Yes, I have a 9 to 5 job but that is how I earn my income. I plan on working this job for awhile.

What do I really really genuinely love to do? Honestly, I love to eat, cook, and take pictures of all of it. Do I aspire to be a fashion designer? Not necessarily. I like the business of fashion and the technical details that go into creating clothes. I hate thinking about what to actually design. I need a partner on that and I may have found the right one finally. We shall see.

I’ve been cooking and eating lao food lately. Been fortunate enough to meet some great lao folks here. Our community is so small in the area that when we meet other Laotians, we adopt them into our small family.

I often wonder what would happen if my mother was gone. How can I continue her cooking and recipes? I like to FaceTime her for cooking advice. I’m appreciating the fact that I can still call her up every time I need help cooking. 20 years down the line, I may not have this luxury.

Time to start writing again. With each entry, I hope to be a step closer to unraveling the path to the life I was destined to live. Happy hump day.


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