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Finding time to blog is half the battle

About a month ago, i started my website with the intention that it will one day turn into something great. Perhaps it will turn into a great retail site, fashion design site, or just simply a place to write down all my asipirations.I especially felt inspired to blog today because my website hit it’s first high with 83 views yesterday. Where in the world did 83, mostly unique visitors come from?

The blogging platform on the site doesn’t support commenting so I”m back at wordpress again. So the saying is true, if you put it out there, people will come. With each entry, I want to jot down my intentions. I plan on sewing again. Bought a beautiful, quiet, vintage sewing machine that I plan on putting to great use. Time to start building a portfolio.

Busy week ahead, plenty of homework, still furnishing my apt, and two dinners this weekend. Excited to mingle with friends and eat. And now the blogging begins. No promises. I’m taking this blogging thing a week at a time.


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