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Making due with what you have

I always have a batch of premixed rice tapioca flour. Gave this batch to my friend. That way, we can make noodles at her lace when we crave it. 

After a night of drinking, we were definitely craving Khaopiek senh at 1am. Laotian Chicken noodle soup with handmade rice tapioca noodles. 

I didnt have a rolling Pin last night. So I used a wine bottle. Worked just fine. In life, sometimes, you have to stop worrying about what you’re missing and make due with what you have. Make it work!

Still looks good. Delicious glutenfree noodles. Since the flour was premixed, i just added boiling water. Only took 10 mins to mix, knead, roll, and cut enough noodles for two. 

Defrosted and reheated leftover frozen chicken broth soup. This is how you feed a drunk craving after  a night out.

Sorry, final product not as pretty but it’s hard to plate a pretty picture when you’re tipsy. 


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